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Traveling the Camino de Santiago over 65 years is nowadays very usual; the Jacobean routes are full of pilgrims of advanced age. This does not mean that everyone can travel independently of their conditions; you must take certain precautions and considerations before going for a walk. Once immersed you have to take special caution with the high and low temperatures; you must also pay special attention to hydration on the Camino de Santiago (water supplies can never be absent) and take food rations to deal with possible problems, such as the usual voltage drops.

> Doubts that may slow you down and solutions

1. «I think I’m too old to do it»

In 2018, around 20% of the pilgrims who traveled the Camino de Santiago were over 60 years old, which includes walkers of 65, 70, 75 years or more. The years should not be a barrier; Third Age also has the advantage of being able to choose more freely than others when we want to walk. You can choose to walk the best time of the year to do the Camino de Santiago, as April, May or September, taking advantage of the mild temperatures, avoiding the crowds of summer pilgrims and generally avoid the problems of places in shelters in each locality in which overnight.

2. «I want to do it, but I do not have anyone with whom»

Doing the Camino de Santiago alone should not be an impediment; in fact it has always been common to see pilgrims walking alone. The hospitality and feeling of fraternity that exists on the Camino means that we are always accompanied; It is usual to end up walking with other pilgrims who have also started alone, establish a good relationship and reach Santiago de Compostela together. Doing the Camino only gives you the flexibility to have your moments of tranquility and reflection, but also of company if that is what you are looking for.

3. «I do not have good health»

Health can be the biggest barrier -and the greatest risk- when undertaking the Camino de Santiago. However, the last word has to have your doctor, to which you must go to know in what conditions you are (after passing a medical examination), what limitations you have and what precautions you should take if you finally have the approval.

4. «Physically I do not know if I’m going to live up to it»

All pilgrims need a prior preparation to gain resistance and to face the stages. It’s highly recommended to have a physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago and go to your doctor for advice

5. «I have no experience hiking»

Is it recommended hiking experience to do the Camino? Yes Is it imperative? No way; There are many different routes to get to Santiago, all with very different levels of demand. If you do not have experience, even if you carry out a previous physical preparation, it is best to start with itineraries of not too many days, with stages that do not involve many kilometers of distance per day.

The Camino de Santiago, as you see, is a totally adaptable experience for each type of pilgrim. You decide where you walk,  how many stages you want to do and how many kilometers you will travel per day. Therefore everyone can do it, from children to elderly people, always taking into account the physical preparation of each one to adapt it to our abilities and, of course, to our state of health.

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