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The Camino de Santiago is a unique and very special experience in very different ways for every pilgrim, however, even though you may plan your pilgrimage with lots of time in advance and prepare yourself for the walk, there will always be something out of our control: the weather.And according to Galicians, the weather in Galicia is always unpredictable, it doesn’t matter the time of the year you can expect at least one rainy day in your trip even during the hottest month of the summer.

It’s very important to check the weather but also to  get prepared for those almost guaranteed rainy days with raincoats, large ponchos, waterproof boots or anything that may keep you as dry as possible during the day. Be also aware that the rain could last only a few hours or not be very heavy, but sometimes it isn’t like that: the rain starts very early in the morning and lasts just until you stop at your hostel to have a rest and eat something for dinner. 

However you can’t let the rain discourage you at all, it actually makes the days somehow more exciting despite muddy paths and glasses getting wet… The landscapes of the Camino look much more beautiful with the fall of the rain; the green of the grass seems brighter and the leaves of the trees in the middle of Autumn show  vibrant orange and reddish colours.

Take advantage of those moments you can spend alone, walking at your own pace and watching your steps. It’s then that you can really focus on the Camino and enjoy the walk, the sound of rain, the smell of wet earth, and your own thoughts: In fact it could easily become one of the best talks you have with yourself in a long time. Because when you decide  to live this experience, independently of the motivation you have, nothing will stop you, not even the distance you need to walk during the day, the terrain that awaits you, and much less the weather. Obviously, you surely prefer to have a sunny and pleasant day every day, however, unpredictable things happen and you can always get something good from them.

And if the rain gets you by surprise as you pass by Zubiri, enjoy warm comfortable accommodation, nice and traditional food and wonderful natural landscapes in HOSTAL GAU TXORI, a place where all the security and hygiene measures are taken to face the covid 19. 

Source: Camino Ways.

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