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Since walking is about experience and scenery, you might think that the more you see the more value you get from your journey but reaching Santiago de Compostela is something you want to appreciate, not regret. So you need to make the most out of your trip while keeping it endurable and enjoyable

What is a long walking day anyway?
An average walking pace is 4 km/h. Logically the faster you go, the harder it is to maintain the pace or the more strenuous it gets. The slower you go, the more time you will spend on the path and see people overtaking you and so on. Taht is why you may want to be walking between 4 and 6 hours ideally, excluding breaks.

Camino walking times
What if you want to push it a bit during your trip? Every now and again,you may find a person ringing who wants to do 200 km in 1 week in order to see more during their week. The issue with this is that it’s great in terms of clocking miles but not in terms of enjoyment.

Why not push the km during your trip?:
* You will get more tired each day
* You will get more tired throughout your trip
* You will get grumpy (yes, that is how we are when we get tired, like these babies)
* You will have less time chilling, exploring, “taking time to slow down”
* You will meet fewer people as not many will be able to keep up with you.
* If you push yourself too much, your body will let you know > Injuries and blisters

In other words, just go for an average stage length and take advantage of the time you have to either slow down or meet more people or read more of your favourite book. Even though the Camino is a pilgrimage,  it is also a holiday.

In a certain way, the happiness rate is lower than people who walk at a reasonable pace. Beware though, on the Camino, it’s hard to control the distances between stops. That means that if there is no accommodation (or not suitable) after 20 km, you might have to choose between stopping at km 17 OR 25 or sometimes 28. As a rule of thumb, you may consider that 20-25 is ideal, never more than 30 (when possible). After that, you can adapt to your wants and needs and can indeed organise 10-15 km/day or longer days.

From an article by Followthecamino.
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PS- we take all the security and hygiene measures to face the covid 19. 


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