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The Camino de Santiago is a unique experience in life but also a very personal adventure that some might find exciting and some very exhausting. As everything in life, it all depends on your own perspective but the fact is no one remains indifferent. Find out the advantages and drawbacks that people talk about…

10 BENEFITS of El Camino de Santiago
You can take a shower and sleep in a bed every day for less than $10/day.
You don’t need to carry any food because you’ll have access to cooked restaurant meals every few hours.
You don’t even need to carry water! You cross piped water about every 45 minutes. You won’t need to purify it either.
No need to carry your trash with you for days since you’ll pass a trash can about every 10 minutes.
As a result of all this, your backpack could be as light as 1 kg (2.2 pounds). Do not try to lug around all sorts of luxuries and end up with a heavy backpack of 10 kg (22 pounds) or more.
You don’t need a map or navigation skills because the route is well marked.
The wide path lets you walk side-by-side with your companion(s), making for easy conversation.
You’ll never have to bushwhack.
You’ll never have to hitchhike to resupply.
It’s flat, easy hiking nearly everywhere, with occasional gentle climbs/descents. It is graded for cars/bikes (which is even easier than equestrian trails.)

4 GOOD OR BAD TRAITS, depending on your perspective.
It’s extremely social. There are lots of interesting people from all over the world to meet and talk with. (Those who prefer solitude will be frustrated.)
Anyone can do the whole trail on a mountain bike. (Some hikers don’t like sharing a path with bikers.)
You’ll walk through 5-20 rustic villages per day. (Those who prefer wilderness will be disappointed.)
Some Spaniards don’t speak English well so you may cherish the opportunity to practice your Spanish.

Do you agree with all this?

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