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Women struggle with stress today more than ever. There are still some important challenges that women have to deal with. Challenges like low-self-esteem, gender bias, being treated unfairly in the workplace, can lead to stress. Finding the right life-work balance is one of their main challenges.

Actually stress and anxiety are some of the main concerns that women (41%) are forced to handle, according to a study conducted by JWT, Female Tribes. Some of the main factors responsible for stress are the ones related to professional pressure, finding the right work-life balance. Also the everyday struggles of motherhood and the health of loved ones are aspects that can cause stress. Furthermore, finding time to have a healthy relationship with their partner, and last but not least finding time for themselves.

In this context, strategies like going out for a walk in nature, disconnecting from technology and social media, reducing the amount of caffeine consumed per day, and sleeping the recommended number of hours can be very beneficial. Many people are also choosing a different kind of holiday. They opt for a walking holiday to disconnect from technology and daily life issues. They walk the Camino as a way to reconnect with themselves.

Going on the Camino, in particular,  has so many benefits that can boost self-confidence and reduce stress. Some of these include physical and mental benefits, making new friends, disconnecting from technology and connecting with nature. A lot of the time people overlook a walking holiday because they want to lie on the beach or discover a new city, but they do not realise how amazing it can be. There are nine different routes that anyone can walk with different aspects to all of them. This allows everybody to be able to find the perfect route for whatever they are looking for.

The mental benefits from walking the Camino are even more important than the physical aspects. Mental strength is one of the most important facets of life because it allows us to deal with many situations, like stressful times. It is a beautiful and fulfilling experience, but it also pushes a person to live by the famous saying from Charles Lyell, “mind over matter.” To officially complete the Camino and receive the certificate, a person is required to walk at least 100km. This usually takes about a week to complete, so it requires a person to get ready for this. That’s why it is recommended to train by going on hikes in the months leading up to this pilgrimage which is a perfect opportunity to find an enjoyable hobby to get in shape and feel better about ourselves. Hiking is also an endorphins booster, which can reduce stress hormones and it produces feel-good endorphins resulting in an improved mood and boost in self-esteem.

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