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2021 happens to be a Holy year meaning that during this year, St. James’s Day, July 25th falls on a Sunday. And there are plenty of events planned for pilgrims throughout the year to celebrate with a huge celebration planned for the Feast of St. James.

The Camino is a lifetime goal for a lot of people and doing it is on many bucket lists around the world. Fulfilling a lifelong goal to do the Camino de Santiago during the Holy year 2021 makes it extra special and one to remember,” says Roland Monsegu, founder and director.

If you are looking to do the Camino by yourself on a self-guided holiday, the advice is to book early as places will fill up for next year very quickly. The team at suggest a number of alternative routes to choose from which might be a little less busy:

Camino del Norte, in one side, is one of the most beautiful routes, a coastal Camino which combines stunning Basque country scenery with delicious food. Camino de invierno, on the other side, is an off-the-beaten-track route which takes you through stunning natural beauty with many historic landmarks. Vía de la Plata is a quieter route which translates as the “Silver Way”, it will take you across sleepy villages and farmland from Ourense into Santiago de Compostela. But, of course, there are other interesting alternatives like the one from Baiona to Santiago specially during the Feast of St. James.

Anyway, whichever route you decide to take, this year will surely be different and unique. Don’t miss this special chance to enjoy such a wonderful and holy experience!

An article by CaminoWays.
And remember, whatever path you may choose  in the Camino, you can always rely on  HOSTAL GAU TXORI: comfortable accommodation, nice and traditional food and a wonderful natural landscapes as you pass by Zubiri.
PS- we take all the security and hygiene measures to face the covid 19. 

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